sexta-feira, junho 25, 2004

EURO 2004 Parte II

Desculpem, nao resisto, aqui vai mais uma 'partilha'...

> Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 12:09:37 +0000
> Do you realise what you have done? England will
> never be the same for you
> now, beware of the ethnic cleansing the British will
> unleash on you. Look
> over your shoulder for red-faced, red-necked, beer
> belly, half-sobbing
> zombies who are after you.
> Ha ha, congratulations! The only reason why I have a
> small, tiny interest in
> international competitions is because all countries
> have the opportunity to
> huble each other and sweep their delusions of
> grandure under the carpet,
> well, until next time. England needed to be dragged
> down a bit and I think
> you were the best candidate for this job. It is just
> that I am worried about
> your cities now.... hummmm
> See you lata


Anonymous Anónimo said...

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