sexta-feira, novembro 05, 2004

George Bush na Casa Branca

Faco minhas as palavras desta leitora inglesa de um jornal local:
"Congratulations to the Americans for returning George Dubya to the White House. Enjoy the estimated multi-trillion dollar deficit Bush will leave you with in four years' time. The increasing isolation from the rest of the world means Bush will be able to Christianize the US in peace. And Osama Bin Laden is not a bad chap - he simply dresses badly. Let's leave him to sojourn in Tora Bora for another four years too. See if you can build upon the 200,000-plus civilians 'disarmed' (dis-legged, dis-headed, dis-bodied) in Irap and Afghanistan. And let's not call it murder. They were not Christians and they can't vote - not now anyway. Who cares about the Kyoto agreement? Global warming means champagne grapes will be grown in the UK within five years. Who needs ice caps? One cannot build Coca-Cocal factories on ice caps. And continue tighten your stranglehold on evil Cuba, because you don't agree with their socialist government.
Though at least if the US becomes completely isolated (which is the best solution all round, I think we all can agree), it will free up the rest of us to continue with the advancement of civilisation without the albatross of a giant, bloated nation of religious fundamentalists, heavily armed xenophobes and idol/idle worshippers around our necks.
Yes, three cheers for another four years of George Dubya. Hip, hip..."


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Enjoyed a lot! » »

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Best regards from NY! »

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That's a great story. Waiting for more. »

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