terça-feira, março 16, 2004

Sobre os Blogs

Andamos aqui há alguns meses a falar de tanta coisa e nunca falámos sobre a "criatura".
Para dar o mote, eis a opinião de dois estudiosos da "criatura":

"The new internet subculture that has erupted around ´blogging` is particularly deserving of analysis, as bloggers have demonstrated themselves as technoactvists favoring not only democratic self-expression and networking, but also global media critique and journalistic sociopolitical intervention.
If the world wide web was about forming a global network of interlocking, informative websites, blogs make the idea of a dynamic network of ongoing debate, dialogue and commentary central and so emphasize the interpretation and dissemination of alternative information to a heightened degree".

Kahn & Kellner: New Media and Internet Activism